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Get fit and have fun as you trace the famous route of this legendary highway from the shores of Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean.

Route 66 is the USA's most famous highway.  Opened in 1926, it connected Chicago with Los Angeles over 2,448 miles and made long-distance road transportation a reality for millions of Americans.  It played a key role in the development of industry and commerce, offered the prospect of a new, better life in the West, and gave vital support to the US war effort in the 1940s.  Route 66 quickly became part of the American Dream, generating its own myths and romance, while inspiring scores of novelists, poets, artists, moviemakers, and songwriters to weave its images into their work.
Over the next 12 weeks, activities will translate into miles traveled along Route 66, the Mother Road.  By traveling at least 29 "Route 66" miles each day, participants will reach California by August 23rd.

To make your journey more interesting, you will receive emails each week detailing the unique culture along the road from historic landmarks to favorite cars and popular recipes.